Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snowy Stuff!

It is all white and cold and slippy and slide-y. I love it but Schnoss is getting a bit cross and shouty and wants everything to get back to like it should be with proper roads and no ice. BO-RING!

I made a snow Honey today. I think it is rather good. Honey says it is rubbish and is very cross because she says that she doesn't have such bad teeth. I think she should be flatterated that I bothered to make a snow rabbit like her with a lovely leaf skirt. I think she is only jealous. She can't even throw a snowball properly.


I think she must have been practising.

Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year's Rest Solutions

My New Year's Rest-Solution for this year is....

To keep up with the writing of this blog

I was a bit rubbish last year. Well A LOT rubbish really.

You see Jezza used my computer for one of his sculptures. And it got covered in glue. And honey. Not the rabbit Honey, the sticky stuff.

And then I got sad. And Schnoss got cross with Jezza because he said it cost a lot of the pennies. And Honey got shouty....because she shouts a lot anyway. And then I got more sad and it took a lot of Trevor's bacon sandwiches to cheer me up.

But now I am here and I am happy and I will write more.

Sunday, 30 August 2009


We have been away on holiday and now we are back. I swam in the sea and I got sand in my paws. We built lots of sandcastles and ate lots of ice creams. Jezza put one of his ice creams on a sandcastle and said it was a sculpture. He called it 'King Cone of the Castle'. It was rubbish. And a waste of an ice cream.

Honey is now more grumpy than ever because she wanted to stay on holiday. I like holidays. But I like coming home best of all too.

Monday, 3 August 2009

A bit of trouble

There has been a bit of trouble with Honey. She was supposed to be looking after me and Jezza when we were poorly and ill. But she was not a good nurse. She was very shouty and cross and it made me feel not good at all. And I never got the soup that Trevor had made very especially for me.

But she did something very naughty. She threw out one of Jezza's Rubbish Sculptures. She said that it looked like a box of nasty old tissues and stuff.

It DID look like a box of nasty old tissues and stuff but with Jezza you never know what is art and what is not so you must always leave well alone.

Now Jezza has an even more hurty throat after shouting at Honey.

And Honey has very sore ears.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Now Jezza has joined in

Now Jezza has joined in and is telling everyone that he is poorly. Quite honestly it is hard to tell whether he is or he isn't. If Jezza is very well he sleeps most of the time. And if he is poorly he sleeps most of the time. But when he is poorly he groans quite a bit too. And he is groaning at the moment. Very loudly.

Schnoss says that it must be terrible to be a giraffe with a sore throat. And I suppose it must. But it is not much fun being the rabbit who has to stand on a step-ladder so that she can pour gallons of cough mixture down that throat either.

I am starting to feel quite poorly and sick with exhaustion myself.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Little Doogs says he is poorly

Little Doogs says he is poorly so I am going to have to write on here for a while. I am Honey, the very attractive and pretty rabbit. And I am the one with the brains too. And if you don't agree with me I will show you one of my karate moves and that will soon change your mind.

Little Doogs says he is ill because he is shivering and cold and he keeps sneezing. He is also making some very unpleasant smells. I think it is so he can get everyone running around after him. But not me. Oh No! I am keeping my distance from his sneezes. I have made myself a very pretty face-mask out of a lace hankie and some ribbon.

Trevor asked me to take him some soup. But I think if Little Doogs is poorly and shivering in bed he is too poorly to eat. So I have had the soup. Tomato and basil. And very nice it was too.

Friday, 3 July 2009


I had just got used to the hot sunshine. I had been drinking lots of water and eating lots of ice lollies. I had covered up my head with a hat and I had put on lots of sunscreen. Trevor has squirted lots of water down his trunk to cool us all down. It was fun and good.

Now it is raining.

Schnoss says that it is good for the flowers and plants because they need a good long drink.

I think Trevor could just have squirted them and the sun could have stayed out. That would have been much nicer and better.